• Pulleys

    Idler Pulleys, Drive Pulleys, Timing Pulleys and Custom Designs.
  • Sprockets

    Both riveted and welded options are available.
  • Custom Components

    With our numerous and varied capabilities, we can make what you need.
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Just a few...of the many products we can produce



Semi-automated machine welded products and services including custom engineered designs. We weld a vast array of components to customer specifications using our proprietary tooling and welding processes.


Machined Parts

We manufacture a wide variety of custom engineered precision machined components, including gears, bushings, brackets and many others. We use the latest in milling, turning and screw machining technology.



Brackets, frames, plates, sprockets and pulleys to name just a few. Applications range from outdoor power equipment to material handling to appliances. We also offer assembly services to meet your specific needs.


Injection Molding

A reliable source for pulleys, sprockets, gears, brackets and custom engineered solutions. Our engineers support the complete product life cycle, from design to prototyping to full volume production.



Part of our standard line of rugged power transfer products, we understand the rigorous demands that can put on a sprocket. Options include machined, stamped and plastic idler & drive sprockets.


Timing Pulleys

High quality materials ensure dependability. Precision tolerances deliver predictable reliability. Our highly skilled in-house engineering staff are ready to assist with any design.


What makes us better?

Our team of industry experts have spear-headed our ever growing capabilities adding to our flexability and versatility in all things mechanical motion.


Market Position

As a global leader in drive and idler pulley manufacturing and assembly we are poised to provide you with industry tested products and services second to none. Our growing lines of brackets and machined components are quickly taking market share as well. We supply a vast array of companies, from the biggest to some of the smallest. If you're not buying from NHI you're buying an inferior product.