NHI has started a pilot program and initiative for digitally transforming the entire way we manufacture our pulleys and idlers. Over the next few years, every piece of equipment, machinery, and process will be plugged into our network, enabling real-time information access and predictive analytics to your products as we produce them.

This process will bring manufacturing information, in real-time:

  • To our operators and maintenance staff on plant floor – enabling them to make better decisions, faster so your parts arrive on-time, at the highest quality.
  • To our engineers and planners – so they can design the best possible processes, reducing lead times and predict issues before they happen.
  • To our quality department – providing deeper insights for root cause analysis and lot tracing as the occur
  • To the environment – by minimizing waste and running our equipment more efficiently
  • To our customers - allowing you to plan and predict better by providing up-to-the-minute status reports and accurate delivery predictions in addition to higher quality

This is an exciting process for us, and we look forward to sharing more as we progress.

— Ben Veenema, Product Development Engineer

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