Custom Tooling & Assembly Cells

Does your product require custom tooling for metal parts or automation? Our company’s highly skilled in-house engineering team can design, install and maintain a custom assembly cell dedicated to your products within our modern 140,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, providing the automation you need to improve your product’s performance and reliability—and help you get to market faster. When launching a new custom metal part product at NHI, our engineers work diligently to develop lean manufacturing processes to improve quality, efficiency and cost, giving you an advantage with the products we manufacture for you. NHI makes it

Example of NHI Assembly CellNHI manufacturers custom toolingExample NHI custom tooling
Custom Tooling & Assembly Cells

  • Extensive automation in our facility improves product quality, reliability, and efficiency—and reduces your overall costs
  • Custom tooling and dedicated assembly cells for your products: machining, forming, welding and automated assembly
  • In-house tool room to support custom tool manufacturing and maintenance

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