Material Handling

NHI products for the material handling industry

Quality components for Material Handling Equipment:

Efficient material handling is critical to a profitable production process. At NHI, we provide high-quality, dependable assemblies and components used in everything from forklifts to conveying systems to improve your quality and reduce costs.

NHI partners closely with your engineering and supply chain group to provide the material handling solutions you are looking for. From hydraulic hose guides and mast head assemblies, to CEMA rollers, bring your parts challenge to us for value improvement. With 50+ years of experience working with our customers to improve the service life and quality of mechanical motion components and assemblies in some of the harshest operating environments around, come leverage that experience to help give you the edge.

Want to ensure that your production is as profitable and efficient as possible? Partner with NHI. Our involvement in the design process will provide you with components engineered for optimized performance in material handling equipment—and our product testing and evaluation process means proven solutions. NHI can also help you save money with our global sourcing capabilities and low-cost assembly operations.

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