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Green means go. And go, and go…MANTIS Conveyor Products® by NHI have been built to last far longer than the competition, with better designs to protect idler bearings, reduce belt damage, and reduce and reject spillover material and debris. Designed and manufactured in the USA, and engineered for each application, extensive slurry testing shows that MANTIS conveyor parts simply outperform the competition. By far. Which translates to more uptime, less maintenance, and dramatic cost savings for your operation. Learn more at

NHI Mantis Conveyor ProductsNHI Mantis Conveyor ProductsNHI Mantis Conveyor Products

  • Patented design
  • Offered conveyor parts include replacement conveyor rollers, return idlers, and custom solutions
  • Internal edge weld—no contact with conveyor belt
  • Four layers of protection from contaminants that cause other conveyor rollers and idlers to break down:
    1. External Nylon Labyrinth Seal
    2. Secondary Internal Labyrinth Seal
    3. Chamber Lock Technology
    4. Proprietary Defender® Bearings
  • Lighter weight and engineered for long life
  • Streamlined 3-piece design with fewer welds; provides far greater durability
  • Engineered for better belt alignment, less spillover
  • Center-section Spillover Passages stamped out of frame to create risers without any weak-point welds
  • Spillover Passages allow debris to fall through frame; won’t build up on base like competitors’ frames
  • Less weight means lower shipping costs, less stress on your underlying structure

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