Split-Steel Fabrication

While many steel pulleys are constructed from multiple cast parts stamped and welded together, for certain applications in which high strength is paramount NHI’s skilled machinists fabricate split-steel components from single pieces of steel. As a split-pulley manufacturer, we produce drive pulleys, V-belt pulleys and other components in our 140,000 square foot facility that are lighter yet highly durable, and in perfect balance without balance holes or the split line found between the two halves of conventional pulleys. We offer split pulleys and other components in a variety of sizes, and with in-house engineering services we’re glad to talk with you about custom designs. For your pulley industrial needs, and for other split steel components, NHI makes it better.sm

Split-Steel Pulleys manufactured at NHIFabricating split-steel componentsExample of split-steel pulley manufactured at NHISplit-Steel pulleys come in a variety of sizesIndustrial Split-Steel PulleyDrive pulleys, v-belt pulleysExample of NHI Split-Steel Pulley

  • Our in-house engineering team can design a split-steel pulley or other component for your unique power transfer system needs
  • Highly automated manufacturing processes for quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Custom engineering and new design services to help you solve your supply chain challenges

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