Drive, Timing, and Idler Pulleys

For more than 60 years, NHI has been a dependable manufacturer and supplier of rugged, custom-engineered power transfer products (including drive, timing, and idler pulleys) for a diverse group of original equipment manufacturers. Today, from our modern 140,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, we produce a comprehensive line of pulleys utilizing processes that include stamping and welding, riveting, injection molding, split/spun manufacturing, finishing/coating, and automated assembly. With our in-house engineering services and a long history of quality and continuous cost improvement, we can provide reliable, custom-engineered power transfer solutions to your manufacturing challenges. NHI makes it

Pulleys manufactured at NHI50 Years of experience manufacturing pulleysExample of pulley manufactured at NHIPulley Manufactured at NHI

  • Our in-house engineering team can design a custom power transfer system for your unique application
  • Highly automated manufacturing processes for quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Custom engineering and new design services to help solve your supply chain challenges

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