Mechanical Assembly

NHI provides high-quality, custom-engineered mechanical assembly services to customers across a wide range of industries. Our in-house engineering team can design, install and maintain a dedicated assembly cell for your products within our modern, fully-equipped 140,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. We can provide a broad range of custom mechanical assemblies of all shapes and sizes. Components are assembled using a variety of on-site processes including riveting, staking, swaging and welding, as well as non-permanent methods such as threaded fasteners, retention rings and more. NHI makes it

Mechanical Assembly Parts from NHIExample of NHI Mechanical Assembly PartMechanical Assembly at NHI

  • Fixtures and tooling can be custom-engineered in-house to streamline your mechanical assembly process
  • We employ phased integration of automation for quality results (first make it right...then make it fast)
  • Full-service support to take your project from concept through mass production

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