Expertly designed sealed bearings made to last

NHI makes bearings for rugged applications

Why choose NHI to be your bearing supplier? Quality bearings are critical to the performance and longevity of your products. As one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of mechanical motion components, NHI understands the demands of rugged applications. We specialize in radial ball bearings, including our proprietary Defender® sealed bearing line (see sidebar) to meet your product requirements. NHI makes it

NHI manufacturers bearings

  • NHI staff engineers have 30+ years of bearing design experience
  • Ability to design, manufacture and test bearing modifications, including radial play, race curvatures, grease selection, and sealing technologies to meet your needs
  • In-house design and validation, product life testing, and slurry testing

As a bearing manufacturer, we take pride in providing products with unrivaled quality. NHI’s proprietary Defender sealed bearings deliver unmatched performance and durability to help extend your product life and reduce your warranty issues.

Defender bearings feature a proprietary seal design for superior contaminant resistance and grease retention. In independent tests, the NHI Defender bearing demonstrated nearly twice the life and contamination resistance of other industry leading designs—at a lower cost than competitors’ bearings.

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