NHI takes pride in our employees' eager support for and dedication to our involvement in our local community. Once again in 2021, NHI was a proud sponsor of the annual Prouty fundraising event, which engages local people in athletics to raise money for cancer research and patient supportive services at Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Lebanon, NH. 

Every year since The Prouty began in 1982, thousands of inspired individuals have come together to bike, walk, row, golf, and more to increase awareness and raise significant funds for cancer research. 2021 marked the 40th annual Prouty event by raising a record breaking $4 Million!

In addition to the corporate sponsorship by NHI, several of our employees teamed up to raise an additional $8,365. We want to take a moment to thank and congratulate all our employees who participated and helped support this worthy cause.

—John Seaver, Chief Financial Officer

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