NHInet is a scheduling tool used by our planning team that allows our customer demand to be visible to the Production Floor throughout the Production schedule. The Planning team, working with our Customer Service team, manages Production priorities to ensure all shipments are being manufactured and shipped on time for just-in-time delivery to our customers. NHInet provides a smooth overview and plan of what the customer demand is and what is needed to be completed by a certain date for our customers.

Using NHInet, Planners review schedules daily, prioritizing all Manufacturing Orders (MOs) that need to be run in a precise order to guarantee finished goods ship out in time to our customers. Planners set each MO to a priority based on the dates when products need to ship. This gives the Production Floor awareness of all MOs and dates for completion. Our Production Floor follows the schedules set by Planning, ensuring that products ship out on time.

Both Production and Planners are alerted to any impending material shortages through NHInet, so that shortages can be addressed early and schedule disruptions avoided. Shortages and other issues are discussed at face-to-face morning meetings between Planning and Production. This allows Planning and Material Handling time to investigate and provide feedback to our Customer Service team in real time. NHInet makes communication clear and manufacturing more efficient at every step of the process, from order to shipment.

—Jennifer Gray, Buyer/Planner

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